Champions League 2019 quarter-final draws

10 months ago

Final Draw:

Ajax (NED) v Juventus (ITA)
Liverpool (ENG) v Porto (POR)
Tottenham Hotspur (ENG) v Manchester City (ENG)
Barcelona (ESP) v Manchester United (ENG)*

In the Champions League quarter-final draw that ended recently, the lucky draws pushed Man Utd against Barcelona. The two teams had met each other twice in the C1 finals of the 2008/09 and 2010/11 seasons, and both times they met, MU had to look at the opponent to the top.

In the quarter-final, there will be a British civil war, which is the confrontation between Tottenham and Man City. Thus, with this civil war, surely an English team will be in the Champions League semi-finals.

Liverpool and Juventus are considered the most breathtaking in the quarter-final because their opponents are Porto and Ajax respectively.

Champions League quarter-final matches will take place on April 9 and April 10, while the second leg will take place a week later on April 16 and April 17. Thus, the club will have about 1 month to prepare.