Where else to explore in the UK apart from its great London ?

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London, a city that you should have heard at least once either in positive way or negative way. It is a great city of the great Britain and has aways been one of the top destinations for tourists. Contradict to many other capitals, London has in itself mixture of modern architectures and traditional and classic buildings and sculptures. While many find it beautiful with a bit of multinational culture, fancy look and luxury, some find it more as a sleepless city, noisy and expensive place, hence a lot of them may try to find other cities in the UK to visit or even to live and this can contain you if you are not a all-night-party type of person. So what are the other cities that we are talking about? What has they got to attract us? The answer is there are many of them. In my experience, I have been to many cities in the UK in the past two years, belows are some of my UK moments and experiences that really wanted to share.

Photo: Other cities has their own activities and beautiful landscapes

Lincoln City, UK

Photos: Lincoln Aboretum Park


Photo: Lincoln The Brayford


Photo: Lincoln Steep Hill at Night


Photo: The City is safe and peaceful


Photo: Lincoln is beautiful, cheaper than most of the UK's cities

If you ever come to this place, make sure you check out Lincoln Steep Hill and some old places surround, it will bring the taste of of true folk England, with royal look of classic architectures. You should try to search for events and activities there as they will be crowded but calm and chilling. I just cannot complain about anything about the people, they are very friendly, you can make friends easily and hang around.

The brayford pool or river is where you can see a lot of swans, these swans are of the Queen and very beautiful, they are main characters representing the city and you can join them by going for a boat tour on the river with a very cheap price. The city is calm and relaxing, a coffee or tea or even some beers can help you to enjoy more the city. I can make sure that it will not disappoint you.

If you like trees and flowers or playgrounds, you should really want to visit the Lincoln Aboretum Park, there will be quite a few people there but the feelings, the environment and the atmostphere can make you very comfy.

Lincoln is surely not much of a snow city. If you really want to see snow, there are many other cities that always have snow that you really want to check out.


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