What is Network Security ?

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What is network security? How the network security system works and how security issues for the network security system will be clarified by SecurityBox in the article below.

What is network security?

You can understand network security is the process of taking measures to prevent security or virus vulnerabilities in software, applications, websites, servers, data ... to protect network infrastructure. Or it can be understood that the concept of cybersecurity is the prevention of unauthorized access, misuse, against alterations, destruction or improper disclosure of information, network security should be guaranteed information, data in the safest condition.

What is network security concept?

How does network security system work?

The network security system will combine with many layers to protect the internal system. Each network security layer performs control according to its own task. Users have access to network resources, but if there is an act of invading or destroying layer layers, it will stop it from giving further access.

Network security system information security, data out?

model of network security monitoring system

Network Security will protect against all network attacks from inside and outside. It could be an attack on the company's network security system from employees or strangers using the company's employees' USB and knowing the company's employee password, then doing it micro attack. Or there are cases where hackers will attack from outside your business firewall. An effective security system will monitor all network activities, warn of illegal violations and make changes, steal data ... (unauthorized actions).

What is network security and need to protect network security for what kind of network security systems

Here are 14 network security systems that need regular protection:

Antivirus and antimalware software
Access Control
Application security
Data loss prevention
Behavioral analytics
Email security
Intrusion prevention systems
Mobile device security
Network Segmentation
Security information and event management
Wireless security
Web security

Network security in 14 categories on the field thinks your network is protected and perfectly secure. Set in the current context, the situation of network security in 2014-2017 has been heavily damaged, so the security and safety for the entire network always need engineers, experts good professor. Above SecurityBox has just presented to you the definition, what is the concept of network security - what is network security. If you love the public network, security, the SecurityBox is your choice.

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