What is API ?

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API stands for Application Programming Interface - method of connecting with other libraries and applications. Windows has many APIs, and Twitter also has web APIs, but they perform different functions, with different goals. It is a communication software used by different applications. It is like a keyboard used to communicate between users and computers, the API is a software that communicates between the program and the operating system. API Each API set for different operating systems is completely different and has no compatibility with each other. APIs for Windows and Linux operating systems are completely different. The API provides the ability to provide access to a set of commonly used functions. Language API is a kind of tool to create software, like bricks built into a building. We divide the building into different parts, API, as well as bricks, are a part of the house, but creating it is a completely separate stage, we can do it ourselves or simply buy of suppliers. Web API is one of Microsoft's new technologies used to build distributed component services. Web API is a model used to support MVC including routing, controller, result action, filter, filter, loc container, model binder, unit test, injection. Besides, it also supports restful full methods: Get / Post / Put / Delete data.

Highlights of API.
This is one of the new frameworks that will help you in building HTTP services in a very simple and fast way. Open source so you can be used by any client that supports XML, JSON. It also has full support for HTTP components: URI, request/response headers, caching, versioning, content form. You can use hosts located in the application section or on IIS. An extremely suitable architecture for devices with limited bandwidth such as smartphones and tablets. Usually, it has a data format of JSON, XML or any data type.

Simple configuration when compared to WCF High-performance capability Fully support RESTful functions Fully support MVC components such as routing, controller, action result, filter, model binder, IoC container, dependency injection, Open Source test unit.

So is API a programming language?
The answer is no. The API functions, as well as the normal functions that we write and in different languages, ​​also have different corresponding API sets. For example, Google API has a set for .NET, PHP, .. And each API set has a very specific and detailed user guide. How to create an MVC web API project First, go to File / New / Project, then select ASP.NET Web Application, then OK, choose the next Web API template Next to create the database for the project you choose to right-click Project Add New Item, SQL Server Database, then save to App_Data folder. Create models, controllers, and views then into folders Models, Controllers, and Views.

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