Top libraries and frameworks for NodeJS

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Hapi.js is a powerful Node.js framework for building application programming interfaces (APIs) and other software applications. Hapi.js was first introduced by Eran Hammer in 2011 at Walmart in an effort to handle traffic every time "Dark Friday" takes place. Hapi.js has a powerful plugin system with outstanding features such as input data validation, configuration-based functionality, caching, error handling, logging, etc. Hapi.js is used to build useful applications and provide technology solutions for many large-scale websites such as Walmart, Disney, PayPal, and Concrete.

Express.js was built by TJ Holowaychuk, a member of the Node team that created Node.js. That's why this is one of the most important frameworks of Node.js. Express.js is a minimalist framework for building a wide range of mobile and web applications as well as application programming interfaces (APIs). Supported by a large community, this framework is constantly updated and improves all core features. Express.js offers many different features such as simplifying multiple routing, database integration ... and thus is used for popular applications on websites like MySpace,, Klout, Segment .io and Yummly.
This framework is used in creating real-time web applications. is a js library that allows communication data flow in both directions between the client and the server. The main features of include the asynchronous I / O processing, binary stream, instant messaging (like "Hello World" chat application) and many more.

Introduced in 2013, this framework makes the process of writing web applications and APIs more web-based. Koa.js is basically an intermediary software of Node.js, which aims to become a smaller, better and more robust framework for web applications and APIs. One outstanding feature of Koa.js is the limited use of callbacks that make the generators more effective in minimizing errors.

Meteor.js is an open source code for building mobile and web applications. This platform works well for OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems. It allows writing application parts on both the client and server side with Javascript. The pre-written modules of Meteor.js make writing code for applications faster and easier. Supported by a strong developer community, and with a lot of documentation available, this framework is well-suited to create real-time applications. Popular applications built with Meteor are collaborative applications for the group (Respondly), or mobile search applications (Blonk).

Mojito is a Javascript framework based on Yahoo! Cocktails - mobile application development platform introduced by Yahoo! Developer Network. Since client and server components are all written in Javascript, Mojito can also run on both client-side (browser) and server side (Node.js).

This is an MVC framework that supports creating real-time mobile applications and web applications. Derby’s Racer - data synchronization tool for Node.js, allows multi-site, real-time synchronization and data synchronization on the client and server side. The model registers changes to specific objects, allowing detailed control of data transmission without defining channels. Racer supports offline use and conflict resolution, simplifying the writing of multi-user applications.

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