Top 3 common spoken languages in the world !

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Bilingual, Trilingual, or Multilingual, these are what you always hear when people talks about languages, or related subjects like learning a new language. So you started to think about what language you should challenge yourself next besides your mother tongue language (native language) and the other one that you might have learnt at your old schooldays. Hence, we are here to help with a list of top 3 most spoken languages in the world right now.


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Chinese language contains many dialects such as Hokkien, Cantonese, but about a billion in around 1.2 billion native speakers speaks Mandarin. It is without any doubts the most spoken language on earth. This language however, is not easy to get along with as it has many tones and how you sound it like a song with rhythms when you speak. It also has its own characters where you have to convert them into pinyin in order to know how it looks like and sounds like if you don't want to study those 'flying' characters.


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You may have the reason to think that English should be here instead of Spanish but that maybe true if we take into account both native speakers and those that have Spanish as their second language. In terms of Spanish as mother tongue, it statistically shows that there are 400 million native Spanish speakers coming from different parts of the world such as Spain in Europe and many countries in Americas. The language is not so hard to pick up, it is among the simplest languages but the commitment to learn is required.


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Finally it comes to the language that this article is written in - English. English language is a opportunity language as about 360 million native speakers and billions of people who speak it at some level. Knowing this language means that you may find yourself confident travelling around many countries in the world without any struggles. Picking up English is not hard, if you are not a native speaker and have a strong will to learn it, you might be able to find many jobs in the future. In conclusion, we can conclude that English is the most important language nowadays for a reason.

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