Top 23 websites for learning English (Part 2)

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11. Easy English - the street interview video

This is a small section of the 'Easy Languages' Youtube channel, which encourages learning not through books but through passersby. Currently, the album has 32 videos, the popular length is 3 to 5 minutes, with subtitles.

You will hear real people in different English voices answer questions like 'What do you like about your city', 'How is the nightlife here?', 'What are the people in your city like?'.

The majority of interviewees are British London and also New Yorkers. A good source of English listening!

12. NewsPapers:
   BBC, CNN, Reuters

13. 5 Minutes about IELTS

"5 Minutes about IELTS" is a 5-minute IELTS series web site like a set of 4 skills, tips and strategies for you to get good results.

Websites to chat with foreigners

14. Conversation Exchange 15. Babel Village 16. Speaky 17. How do you do

The best way to learn a foreign language is to communicate, interact and chat with native speakers directly. What about online?

There are some who choose to play online games and communicate with gamers (and many people say this is a great way to learn).

If you have a passion like kids or cats, you can join a community of common interests around the world to chat and share.

If you don't have any special interests then you can try some of these language exchange websites. All are free, just create an account and choose a partner.

You should talk to someone who is good at English to hear the most authentic and best English.

Web sites for listening and reading comprehension skills

18. Voice of America News - Listen to American English accents

This is a very popular source for English learners. You can listen to the radio, watch the news, listen to short stories. VOA also provides slow and easy-listening English mp3 (and script) files for beginners.

Tip: You should listen to and practice speaking with VOA, can record your voice and compare it to the original file.

19. British Council - Listen to British English accent

This is a source of high-quality audio files. In addition to the readings, the British Council provides pre /in/after activities after reading new word lists and computerized listening exercises or files to print on paper, very conveniently.

Small tips: The British Council has a lot of good materials about English for people working, grammar, IELTS testing, games, ...

Online English courses for students

20. Coursera 21. Future Learn

These courses require you to study seriously and take time for it. There are many diverse topics in many different subjects. Before starting the course you will have to do a relatively long survey.

This course is suitable for students who already have basic knowledge of English and specialized knowledge.

A homestay website for people who want to travel or want to experience staying with foreigners


Couchsurfing International Inc. is a social network with a culture of hospitality exchange, for people traveling to experience real life by interacting with members living in their places.

This website is a place where members can apply to stay at the home of other members as a guest anywhere in the world or just meet, consult, interact, participate in events. organized or organized by other members.

Small tips: This site has high security because bad objects will be reported and detected quickly.


With this website, you can stay with other members for free when traveling, provided you also let other members stay. A 1-for-1 form!

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