Top 23 websites for learning English (Part 1)

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In today's internet age, we have too many resources to learn English. There are many good, free English learning websites that if you don't know, it's a pity.
The New Family introduces you to 23 useful English learning websites for a variety of subjects, different learning methods, and purposes.

Save these sites right away in bookmarks or follow social networking sites if you find them useful and relevant to you!

Websites for you to learn English

1. Test Your English - check vocabulary

The website will help you evaluate your abilities, compare with native speakers and English speakers in countries around the world.

Tip: Write down your score, repeat the test after 6 months and after 1 year. If you are studying English hard, there is no reason your score will not increase. Just spend time with lots of foreign languages ​​and focus!

2. - online English dictionary and more

The interesting thing about this site is that it is contributed by users from 27 countries in 28 languages. Words appear in a specific context with transcription. The website is also translated into Vietnamese.

Small tips: Study Phrases, Vocab learning or Quiz!

3. - ​​See how to use a word in a specific sentence

Never learn a single English word. Always learn the example sentences to know the correct usage of the word. You can find examples in the dictionary or!

This site updates hundreds of example sentences from foreign newspapers such as NewYork Times, The Economist, CNN and more. You can understand the latest and very accurate use of the word in practice.

Tip: Use the ‘Filter by ...’ panel on the left to filter examples by category, then, sentence type, etc. Below is also the definition and synonyms for keywords.

Filter table

4. Ozdic - collocation dictionary

Collocation is the natural word combination, for example, we say ‘fast food’, not ‘quick food’.

The Ozdic dictionary will give you all the word combinations that often come with the keywords you search for.

Tip: This website is very helpful for you to focus on writing, writing essays or preparing presentations, ...

These websites are highly entertaining English

5. English Central - record your voice

This website provides videos from movies, speeches, talk shows, newsletters, advertisements, ... with English subtitles.

It has modes such as watching videos, learning new words in the video (by listening and filling in the blanks) and recording voice.

You will speak each sentence in the video, record your voice and receive feedback through the voice recognition system.

Your score will be calculated according to each correct pronunciation word. You can play against other people like playing games.

6. Duolingo - online language lessons are completely free

This website received a lot of positive feedback from users. Nice website interface, learners interact through multiple choice questions, fill in words, ... The website also has points, bonuses, and badges.

Study levels are categorized by level from low to high in 20 different languages. And the language on this website is spoken language, not too academic or formal.

Small tips: You should register via Facebook or email to always be reminded by Duolingo, help you have more motivation to study and maintain your daily English learning.

7. Lyrics Training - fill in missing words in songs

If you are a US / UK music fan and like learning English through songs then this is a great website for you.

Just choose songs, levels and start playing music. You will have to fill in the words also, depending on the level you choose, the computer will cover 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of the words in the sentence.

This website will be great for you to practice listening skills. The machine will not allow you to skip but have to complete a sentence to get to the next sentence.

Small tips: You should practice regularly, at least 5 songs per week, and your listening ability will improve a lot!

Useful Facebook pages for learning English

8. Humans of New York - real people, real stories

Funny, sad, deep, inspiring stories ... everything from the most ordinary to the greatest in the lives of New Yorkers carved or in short, easy-to-read and easy-to-read articles understand and touch the hearts of readers.

Tip: If you do not want to miss good articles on this page, please like, follow and choose the notification or display mode first.

9. Learn English - idioms, phrases, vocabulary

This is an Australian English learning site that currently has more than 4 million likes.

Good youtube channels to learn English

10. Mr. Duncan - a humorous online English teacher with many years of experience

Great for you guys who love British English accent! Mr. Duncan's video channel has for many years a video repository on many topics in communication.


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