Top 20 websites to learn to code.

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1. Codecademy

With Codecademy, you can learn languages ​​like Javascript, Python, Ruby and other languages. This is a free website that helps you learn to program effectively without a web server or any hardware/software. In addition to the basic and advanced knowledge, when using Codecademy, users also try many new things that only when participating in online learning, can you discover.

W3School interface

W3Schools is suitable for those who are learning programming HTML, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, ASP, XML, and some other languages. In particular, when you search for a certain command, the application will provide an example of how to use that statement in practice for your reference and rewrite. The thing I like most about this site is the ability to run the code you just typed to know exactly how things will appear if using that line of code. Each subject language has its own Try it Yourself section to practice. With W3School, you can temporarily forget the complicated code-writing software and still achieve the desired learning efficiency.

3. Udacity

With the goal of becoming a high-end destination for people looking for a web site to study online, Udacity expands its customer base to include students, students, and those interested in learning about technology. , software, programmers, designers, experts ... to upgrade the content of their products. Here, Udacity offers a series of excellent academic programs, including business, science and computer science.

4. Coursera

Coursera is a convergence of valuable learning resources provided by a number of prestigious universities around the world. Coursera aims at basic knowledge with many topics to build a solid foundation for learners before accessing higher content. This is the ideal website for beginners to tinker with code.

5. is among the top websites that offer the best online programming learning materials today. Although there will be a certain monthly fee, you will have access to over 2,000 courses including over 140 different skills. In addition to programming, this site is also useful for those who are learning about 3D animation, business, video editing, and design.

6. Apple Developer Program
Apple Developer Program

Apple Developer Program is the ideal destination for those who are looking to develop apps for iOS and OSX (iPhone, iPad or Mac). Here, learners are taught how to use the Xcode environment and how to write applications. In particular, in addition to the ability to access a rich repository of documents, the Apple Developer Program also makes it easy to share your products on Apple's app store. However, make sure you have a Mac before studying.


While the Apple Developer Program is only for those who want to learn about iOS and OSX, is a place for Android devotees to learn how to program Android apps on mobile. This website allows you to download Android Studio, the official IDE for Android, providing tools for developing Android apps for any device.


If you want to improve your programming skills, go to because there are a lot of sample documents for your reference, useful for developing Chrome extensions, interacting with Google Drive. or create an application based on Google Maps.

9. is the place for you to research thoroughly Visual Basic, C ++, C # in Windows environment using.Net Framework. This site is useful for those who are intending to develop soft for Microsoft operating system platform.

10. Instructables

Instructables is a place for you to learn how to do things, not just stop at programming, such as Arduino, how to use Raspberry Pi or learn how to hack software/applications. In addition, if you have good tips, you can also share them with the community to get more interesting information.

11. edX
EdX is also a leading website providing free online education platform. edX was founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT, so you will learn the most up-to-date and up-to-date knowledge and technology.

Currently, edX offers courses from 60 universities and institutes. And of course, you can't miss edX's hottest free course: Harvard University's Computer Science Basics.

12. Udemy
Founded in 2000, Udemy Udemy is an online curriculum that helps learners improve and learn more job skills.

Although there are some courses users will have to pay, but besides that Udemy also provides a lot of free courses, video teaching such as Basic Programming for business people - HTML and CSS, Making submit to Python,...

13. aGupieWare
AGupieWare is an application developer, who has surveyed computer science programs from leading US academies. They then developed basic-to-advanced curriculum including free courses offered by Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley and Columbia universities.

The programs are divided into 15 courses: 3 introductory classes, 7 intensive classes, and 5 elective classes.

14. GitHub
Sometimes in some cases, you will have to ask for reference books when you are "stuck" in a certain issue. And that's GitHub. You can find more than 500 free books about programming, covering more than 80 different programming languages ​​located in the repository of services on the Git website platform.

This means that titles will be regularly updated by collaborators.

15. MIT Open Courseware
If you already have basic knowledge and you want to learn more advanced knowledge, such as the theory behind programming languages ​​- then you can access MIT's free online teaching page. This program includes classes such as Basic Computer Science and Programming, Basic Programming with Java, Practice programming with the C programming language.

16. Hack.pledge ()
Hack.pledge () is a "community" of programmers, including famous programmers like Bram Cohen - the founder of BitTorrent.

Here, you can perfect your programming skills through learning from the world's leading application developers.

Free programming web site

17. Code Avengers
Code Avengers provides programming courses with funny and interactive properties to help learners learn how to write games, applications, and websites in JavaScript, HTML and CSS languages.

Each course will last 12 hours and provide academic programs in English, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese.

18. Khan Academy
Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, Khan Academy is one of the first educational institutions to offer free online learning programs. With step-by-step video tutorials, you can learn how to program drawings, design animations and game programming using JavaScript and ProcessingJS or how to create a website with HTML and CSS.

19. Free Food Camp
Here you will learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, DevTools, Node.js, Angular.js and Agile, and join a community of industry professionals and students.

You will even have the opportunity to collaborate, work with others to practice your code writing skills through building free applications. In addition, this community writes free code for non-profit organizations.

20. HTML5 Rocks
HTML5 Rocks is a project launched by Google in 2010 to compete with Apple's HTML5. This site is full of the latest HTML5 tutorials, resources, and updates.

The site provides an open source, so programmers can freely use HTML5 code here.

However, this website requires more advanced knowledge than most introductory courses, you should cultivate knowledge and experience before jumping into this website.

Wish you have moments of fun!

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