How to make a good coffee for your powerful day.

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How to make delicious coffee!
First it must be pure coffee without any impregnation of soybeans, cornstarch. To ensure this, ask the seller to grind the spot for you to see. It is a good preparation to carry out how to make good coffees.

You'll need a good filter, moderate volume to accommodate just one cup of coffee. Should not use the very big filter. The grip is sure, the coffee lid and the coffee squeezer must be hard, the material is made of stainless steel, the better.

Fine coffee filter?

Rinse the coffee filter through the boiling water first to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the filter, so that when brewing, the coffee will receive a more adequate amount of heat, making the coffee cup stronger and more fragrant. Then add ⅓ of coffee powder to the filter, (the ratio of coffee is ⅓ and water is ⅔.).

Then take a light squeeze of the coffee. Not too tight nor too light. If it is too tight, it will be difficult for the coffee to flow, and if it is too light, the coffee will be very light and the coffee powder will be inflated. This needs very high experience and familiarity.

Pour boiling water into the lid of the filter, then place the bottom of the filter on top, until the water under the lid is drained. This process is called "coffee brewing."

Then pour about 20% of the water on the coffee, wait for about 15-30 seconds, add in more coffee and then continue with the remaining 80%. Drop the coffee until the water is faded away.

When the coffee falls, you must take a look. The coffee drops down every second a drop, so you have the first success. When the coffee flows into a stream it is bad and it's because you haven't pressed it tightly or there were little amounts of coffee  that you have put in.

If you want to add sugar, you should choose alum sugar or small canopy sugar, limit the use of white sand sugar because you will not enjoy the aroma of the sugar.

Break hardly the sugar before putting some ices in. Coffee's ice should be large, long-lasting before becoming water.

When giving milk, it is recommended to give 30-40% of the milk, evenly shake the coffee until foaming.

The right way to make coffee

Note: To make the coffee more delicious and bold, it is recommended to put 1 or 2 fine salt grains into the coffee cup, which reduces the sourness in the coffee. According to folklore, some people give 1-2 drops of fish sauce, but it must be the traditional type of fish sauce.

And finally you should enjoy it when it's hot (if it's a hot coffee), or before the ice melts (for it is an iced coffee).

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